United, we are

Powerful Together

WI United Futbol Club

We are excited to share with you that De Pere Select, United Hurricanes and New United will be joining forces, helping create a more comprehensive club that can further advance the goals and overall experiences of our players.

As one club, united under the Wisconsin United FC name, you and all our valued members will have access to a stronger club better positioned to serve our players from three year old's all the way to the professional Major League Soccer team.

While this combination provides many benefits, it is important to know that our individual focus and dedication on our players and members will never change. We believe that all players matter, and everyone deserves personal attention and the best possible experience both on and off the field. This combination is designed to allow our coaches and staff to connect even more closely with our players.

Though our clubs are joining forces, we expect very little impact on team formations, practice locations, or the talented coaches and staff members with whom you interact in the first year.

The new, stronger Wisconsin United FC has an exciting future. We will be able to invest more in our players, coaches, staff, facilities, and programming options while keeping membership costs as low as possible. Our coaches and staff will also have valuable development opportunities which we would otherwise not be able to provide, which will continue to improve our player and team experience.

We know you probably have many questions, and while we might not have all the answers at this time, we have put together a Q&A section below to provide you with as much information as possible.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you’re as excited as we are for our new, united club and our future together, where all players matter.

All Players will Benefit

Integrated as One Club

The new, united club will serve players in three regions of Wisconsin supported by one of the most highly skilled and passionate staffs. Serving players from three-years-old to 19-years-old, from beginner to advanced, the Wisconsin United FC will provide one of the most comprehensive player experiences and pathways in the nation, all locally driven through community-based programming.


Licensed Staff


Soccer Fields


Goal - A Better Experience!

How Will This Improve

Each Player's Experience

More Opportunities

This merger affords players from all three clubs, recreational to elite, to have access to greater development and programming options than if the three clubs would remain independent on their own.

Coach/Staff Development

This merger provides greater resources to take coach education and staff development to higher levels, giving players a better playing experience.

Benefits of Large Scale

There will be some valuable administrative and organizational efficiencies that result from combining our three organizations, which allows us to reinvest back into the player experience.

Long-Term Projects

The combined club has more opportunities to undertake strategic projects in the future ranging from development of playing facilities and complexes, to providing more scholarships to providing greater access to the game for our players.

Important Club

Future Objectives

Recreational Players and Coaches

  • Provide coaches with more coaching education opportunities and coaching tools to support their role of developing a foundation for players in their primary years of soccer.
  • Build more robust in-house leagues and camps providing opportunities to play more teams of similar ability while staying close to home and supporting the growth of soccer in Wisconsin.

Competitive and Elite Players

  • Create more meaningful in-house training opportunities including robust friendlies, pick-up/street soccer environments, and competitive kickarounds.
  • Host more in-house winter leagues and tournaments for players to continue to develop their game with a large and active player pool year-round.
  • Build stronger state level teams with a greater opportunity to play in regional and national events by leveraging the pool of players in the club to provide additional pathways.
  • Leverage the platform of MLS club, Minnesota United, and the club’s holistic approach to developing teams and players.
  • Provide better coaching education through on-field, classroom, and remote learning platforms creating a destination for coaches seeking to develop their craft with development pathways unique to the club.


  • Collaboration on facilities throughout the year, giving more players access to facilities year-round including opportunities to develop other  facilities.
  • Access to over 55 soccer fields in Northeastern Wisconsin.
  • Provide more opportunities for players to participate in winter training with additional regional-based programming.

Staff and Customer Service

  • Leverage Team Snap, the sports management system, for a better customer service experience for all age groups and levels of play.
  • Create a comprehensive and user-friendly website bringing all communication pieces together on a single platform.
  • Provide greater membership engagement with a calendar of events and gatherings providing members and players with the chance to build community.
  • Create a dynamic organizational structure that offers depth and growth opportunities for staff development that enables the club to develop, retain, and attract high-quality professionals which further supports the experience of players and families.

Going Forward

Timeline of Implementation

January 7-9, 2020
As new information is finalized, we will consistently update membership on how the organization is moving forward.
April 2020
All club websites will be integrated into one website.
June 2020
More information will be released very soon, but schedules will stay very similar to timelines already in place.
June 2020
Competitive tryouts and Intent to Play will take place according to WYSA 2020 tryout policy.
Coming Soon

Questions and Answers

Will my child be forced to play at a different location?

No, we will always have a local team unless the numbers don’t allow for it.

Why are we doing this merger?

Bringing together the resources of all 3 clubs into one provides an enhanced experience for all players. Coaches will follow a standard curriculum and work in sync, ensuring uniform and age specific training at practices. This exciting partnership with Minnesota United gives our club access to a top-level training curriculum and will ensure we attract the best coaches possible to work with our kids.

What age groups will this affect?

All players will benefit from the additional training and resources we will be able to provide to all players at every level. An MLS culture will boost enthusiasm for the sport, not only in our club but in our communities as well.  We also believe combining clubs will extend playing opportunities for our older kids.

How will tryouts be conducted?

U14 and younger players will tryout at their local region as normal. Players age U15 and older will participate in one central tryout. Director's of Coaching (DOC's) will identify the number and level of teams before the tryout process begins. Players can tryout for whichever level of play they desire, whether that is local, state or higher.

Who will assess players at tryouts and build the teams?

Each region’s Director of Coaching will perform the assessment of the players within their region. 

Where will practices be held?

Practices for each region will continue to be held at their local fields just as they have in the past. Additional opportunities for scrimmages or indoor play may occur in the other regions.  It cannot be stressed enough that this merger will offer added opportunities while still providing the hometown soccer club experience.

What levels of teams will exist (Recreational, Classic, State, State Premier, etc.)?

We believe that every player matters and any player that wants to be a soccer player will always have a place to play. We will continue to offer recreational, classic, state and beyond as we always have. As we grow, we will be able to group players more closely to their abilities, providing the best situation for all players to grow in the sport. We will also be able to offer even higher level play at the club level which, if desired by the athletes, will enhance their club experience - not replace it.

Will costs go up?

In short yes fees will likely change, but not due to the consolidation of the clubs, but due to the increased costs of tournaments, referee fees and great coaches.  We will be working through the budget in the next couple months and will provide full club fees prior to tryouts.  It is the goal of Wisconsin United FC to provide the best product at a regionally competitive price. 


What will the new club be called?

We are Wisconsin United FC, with the individual regions designated as:

  • Wisconsin United - Howard Suamico
  • Wisconsin United - Appleton
  • Wisconsin United - De Pere 

Will we be purchasing new uniforms?

Yes, we will be purchasing new kits for the Fall 2020 season. For Howard/Suamico and De Pere, this is a normal cycle year. For Appleton, it is an off-year, but will be purchasing new kits to remain consistent with the other regions.

Will additional training opportunities still be available (goalie training, technical training, etc.)?

Yes! In fact, as the club grows we will be able to offer incremental training with specialized coaches (goalkeeper coaches, etc.).

How will this affect the camps that are offered throughout the year?

Camps will continued to be offered.  We will evaluate our Camp offerings on an annual basis.

Does this affect our recreational program?

No, each region’s rec programs will continue to run as normal and there should be no notable changes.

Does this affect our current 6U-9U program?

Our academies will continue to operate the same way.

Will there be new/different coaches and what types of licenses will be required (if any)?

Our goal is to provide the best possible coach for every player. In addition, the merger will provide our coaching staff additional coaching education opportunities and resources. In addition we are hoping to attract coaches hungry to learn and develop their coaching career. License requirements/experience will continue to be determined by the Directors of Coaching for each region and by WYSA guide lines. 

Will we have to travel farther for games?

If your child plays at the same level they are currently, then travel should remain the same. If your child makes a higher level team, the amount of travel likely will change. This decision will be for parents and players to make - we will not force anyone to change teams or leagues if they do not wish to do so. Our goal is to provide as much local training and playing as possible. 

Will our home fields remain the same?


How will we receive communications from the club?

All three clubs are currently using Team Snap and we plan to continue with that app moving forward. Additionally,  we plan to launch a new website encompassing all three regions as well as social media platforms.

How will I be able to get in direct contact with someone from the club?

Look for the ‘Contact Us’ section on this page.

What will the new Board structure look like?

The Club board is made up of members from all 3 regions. Each region will also have committees working on the day-to-day operations very similar to what you have seen in the past.

What are the benefits of the Minnesota United Relationship?

  • Coaching Education
  • Game / Training Model and Principles
  • Increased Regional Relationships with Alliance Members 
  • Better Tournaments, Events
  • Attractive to National and Regional Brands
  • Access to Minnesota United Think Tank
  • Identification and Exposure 
  • Increased Club Profile at Regional Events

Contact Wisconsin United FC

While we are still working through all the details, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions.

We encourage all members to reach out with any questions regarding the timeline of implementation or any questions we have not answered yet. We understand that through mergers like this, there will be lots of questions, some concerns, some eagerness, but our ultimate goal is to create one of the best player experiences in U.S. Soccer.

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